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Your impartial, non-sponsored guide to trusted builders and expert contractors on the Costa Blanca Spain. Vetted contractors and builders with references.

Hi, I am Jenny Flaherty, the author of the independent Costa Blanca Contractors Guide. My villa is between Javea and Moraira. I have compiled this list of expert Javea and Moraira builders, tradesmen and professionals all of whom have proved to be trustworthy, reliable and expert in their chosen fields. No builders can buy their way onto my site. This is a free resource with primary focus on builders and architects serving  Javea, Moraira, Jalon, Altea, Gandi, Calpe  and Denia.

It was an expensive lesson that made me create this free resource. A corrupt English estate agent with a flashy colour double page spread in a reputable magazine, colluded with a Spanish builder and it cost us 50,000 euros. The greedy independent Calpe estate agent who purported to be a friend could not see past her commission, and the builder Camilo Rekliemes, having paid the commission did not have enough money to do our job. So having paid out 50,000 euros of a 115,000 euro contract up front we were left high and dry.

If you take nothing else away from this site, nothing, then please take on board the following three cautions:

Warning #1

Never let your Estate Agent recommend a builder, contractor, or decorator, there will be a commission arrangement in place, (this gets hidden and then LOADED ON TO THE PRICE YOU PAY). Use this resource or a similar one to find your own trusted building contractors in Spain.

Estate agents live on commission, they have no other income.

Warning #2

Never let the estate agent or the seller recommend a lawyer or gestor. You need independent advice from a property lawyer (not a gestor).

Although in Spain you can legally buy a villa or apartment without a lawyer, only those that have been misled buy without a Spanish property lawyer. Find your own lawyer in Spain or use one from below.

Warning #3

Always get  pre purchase advice in Spain, probably the best advice you can take.  H2R can offer:

Qualified English speaking architect registered in Spain outline planning  advice as to what can and cannot be done with the property                                                           Architect  Fixed price first site visit  €120

Written Study – Renovation, Alteration, structural repair costings  – fully refundable if works undertaken  fixed     €160

Boundaries – Topography, definitive boundary delineation with legal documents usually €700- €1000

Qualified Surveyor  services English and Spanish registered from  €400

Trusted Building Contractors on The Costa Blanca

Expert Moraira buildersListed below are contractors and builders in Spain, that have been proven to provide high quality building services, and that are reliable. All the contractors below have proven their credentials. Spanish Contractors and builders cannot buy or sponsor their way on to the list (Contractors use this link and apply to be included).
Every contractor below has been registered and trading in Spain in their qualified profession for at least ten years, this has been audited.

A cowboy builder experience in Spain can cause financial ruin, heartache and severe stress. Always use a Spanish registered contractor that is legal and established. We set the safety benchmark of 10 years residency as a minimum, and 10 years trading (with proof) in their qualified profession as a minimum.

Trusted Builders Costa Blanca

H2R Reforms, Structural repairs, Alterations, Major works

  • Builders Costa Blanca Javea, Moraira, Altea, Denia, Gandia
  • H2R  Javea and Moraira Builders Est 1994
  • Telephone 647 146 421
  • Web www.h2r.es
  • Email works@h2r.es

General Building work, kitchens, bathrooms, full house decorating

  • Glen Harwood – Est 1993
  • Email glenharwood42@gmail.com
  • Telephone 627 065 761

Architects fully registered.  Weston Vula – services offered, full planning, structural alterations, remedial works, aesthetics interior and  exterior design studio. Fully registered Architects                                                          Pre-purchase outline planning advice fixed price 120€

  • Costa Banca North – Javea, Moraira, Jalon, Gandia, Calpe,  Altea, Denia,
  • Email architect@h2r.es
  • Offices Avd Pais Valencia 84, Benissa 03720

Buildings Surveyor  in Spain – English


Electricians Costa Blanca North rewires, upgrades, certificates, Boletins

Electricians Costa Blanca South

Sell your villa the smart way

  • No Spanish Estate Agent
  • www.cash4casas.es
  • Zero commission
  • Direct purchase only
  • Moraira and Javea
  • Recommended: Cash4Casas is endorsed by Costa Blanca Contractors as it is a commission free, agent free and a prompt direct purchase owner to investor no third parties.

Trusted Accounting services

  • Juan Antonio WF-Assesorias
  • Telephone 965 730 715
  • Autonomo and Corporate Accountants

Pool cleaning services

  • General maintenance Costa Blanca South
  • The Pool People
  • Telephone 662 671 379

Pool repair Costa Blanca North

  • Leak detection, crack stitching
  • Re-grouts, restyle, invisible (flush tiled) coronation conversions
  • Glen Harwood 627 065 761

Pool Construction Costa Blanca North

  • Pool Construction and Refurbishment Costa Blanca ALL
  • H2R Javea and Moraira Builders
  • Web www.h2r.es
  • Email works@h2r.es

Pool Repairs Costa Blanca South only

  • Costa Blanca South
  • The Pool People
  • 662 671 379


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